Bungalow Heaven

East of Lake, West of Hill, North of Orange Grove, South of Washington
Pasadena, CA

Submitted by: Julie Dercle

Pasadena, California's first landmark historic district.

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Why It Works

A walkable neighborhood surrounded by a park and containing one of the world's greatest collections of about 1,000 intact small-sized bungalows built from roughly 1880-1930. A model for historic preservationists and new urbanists seeking front-porch living and sidewalks for people.

What Makes Bungalow Heaven a Great Place?

Bungalow Heaven is accessible by foot, public transit, and automobile, yet there are also garages at the rear of the lots.

Extensive use of street trees. The neighborhood is mostly clean and attractive to a diverse population.

All neighborhood uses, including a park for people, not cars.

Annual home tour is a sell-out. One of the strongest neighborhood associations in California is here. It stopped the bulldozers and ugly apartment buildings and saved the beautiful, little old houses for people of all income ranges. This is a neighborhood where "fixing up one's home" is a favorite pastime and house-building and landscaping skills are shared.

History & Background

For a detailed history, please see: http://www.home.earthlink.net/~bhna/history.html

Contact Info:

Use a search engine to find the Bungalow Heaven web site Pasadena Heritage Association, American Bungalow Magazine

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