Downtown Lake Worth

Lake and Lucerne Avenues
Lake Worth, FL

Submitted by: Erica Whitfield

This is the historic downtown section of a quaint seaside town.

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Why It Works

This is a very small town, just south of West Palm Beach. It is worth a look.

Two parallel roads run east and west in the city. It is surrounded by great restaurants, just minutes from the ocean, walking distance to the historic neighborhoods that surround it.

What Makes Downtown Lake Worth a Great Place?

People walk over from their neighborhood, there is plenty of accessible parking, side walks run the length of the roads with many tables and chairs set out in front of the restaurants for sitting.

There is a central square with some seating available. It is a clean downtown with a police presence.

It is a very popular place to come and relax. Activities include restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, antique shops, a jazz/blues club that is just amazing, a surf shop and a Jewish deli.

There is a huge element of local pride. In some way or another, everyone who lives, works or goes out in Lake Worth is proud of the city. The spaces are primarily used for socialization by groups of people. Mostly locals frequent the downtown; however there is also an element of tourism.

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