Cat Street

Intersects with Omotesando-Dori
Tokyo, Japan

Submitted by: Karin Tanabe

A pedestrian street that links two of Tokyo's most vibrant and artistic neighborhoods.

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Why It Works

This pedestrian street with a bohemian feel links Shibuya and Harajuku, two of Tokyo's most vibrant and artistic areas. Everyone knows it as Cat Street, though that is not the official name. Flanked by design shops, street vendors, and artists’ studios, the street attracts Tokyo’s youth generation--there are very young and very artsy people everywhere. You will find the real Japanese youth here, not the stereotype, yet when tourists find Cat Street they fall in love with it too. It is Tokyo at its best.

What Makes Cat Street a Great Place?

Cat Street links two of the city's most interesting areas while allowing pedestrians to avoid battling the Tokyo traffic. Visually, the area is a bit hidden, but that makes it a gem to find.

Cat Street makes an amazing first impression. Local color shines through everywhere. It has a very bohemian feel and is comfortable to stroll along.

There are artists, street vendors, even a small playground for children.

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