Downtown Munich
Munich, Germany

Submitted by: Joe Erb

The main attraction of this open-air food market is the beer garden.

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Why It Works

Roughly the size of a city block, Munich's Viktualienmarkt has everything you could want, from a number of good bakeries and cheese shops to a horse butcher (if that's what you're looking for). The Schlemmermaier sausage stand is great for lunch in the summer, perhaps followed by a trip to the beer garden. The soup stand is perfect even on the coldest winter day, preferably followed by a hot honey wine at one of the honey stands.

What Makes Viktualienmarkt a Great Place?

It is accessible by train, subway, bus and streetcar, and very tied into its surroundings. No cars permitted.

The market is crowded on weekends, and busy all year round. Clean and attractive, can't say as I've noticed a gender imbalance although there may be one during the week. Seating is available but a little difficult on Saturday.

Shopping, eating and drinking are the primary (only) activities. A wide range of individuals and small groups, although some tour groups I suppose. The easterly part is somewhat underutilized, I suppose.

I would say 60% of the people at the market are locals at least, although "local" is relative in Munich (a city with many people from other parts of Germany and the world). It is a very important part of Munich and is definitely a source of pride and a regular meeting point.

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