Logan Circle

Philadelphia, PA

Submitted by: Project for Public Spaces

Home to probably the best fountain in the United States, but very hard to reach, the major public institutions around the Circle have no presence in it.

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Why It Doesn't Work

The spectacular Swann Memorial Fountain is Logan Circle's great attraction. But only the brave few who manage to cross the speeding traffic of Benjamin Franklin Parkway can fully experience the fountain's pleasures. Located on a crucial axis that connects Philadelphia's famous City Hall to the Museum of Art, Logan Circle deserves to be part of a grand pedestrian boulevard, but is instead isolated by five lanes of vehicles. To make matters worse, the renowned cultural institutions that surround the Circle have little connection to the park itself.

If Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the roadways around the Circle were dramatically narrowed, this would change the atmosphere of the entire area and help Swann Fountain regain its standing as one of the city's showpieces. Once people feel comfortable walking through the area, other improvements can follow.

In an encouraging sign of progress already underway, the Center City District is working with the prestigious cultural institutions around the Circle to make their assets more visible in the park. With these changes Logan Circle could very well become one of the best public places in the world.

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