30th Street Station

30th Street and Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

Submitted by: Naureen Fink

A beautiful and efficient train station that minimizes stress and maximizes access, ease, and services.

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Why It Works

The station features tall neo-Classical architecture, an open central hall with great visibility and access to trains. Shops, food court, local trains and information are all easily accessible and centrally located to minimize travelers' stress.

What Makes 30th Street Station a Great Place?

Easy to access from main streets via train, cabs, walking. It also links Philadelphia to nearby cities by Amtrak as well as local trains. Easy meeting places for pick-up/drop-off.

It's clean, and has great visibility so you don't easily get lost in the central hall. There are enough kiosks for food to provide a great variety without being inefficient and overwhelming. The openness and lighting make it feel safe and secure as well. Litter is cleaned up quickly so you're left with the impression of gleaming marble.

The space is always full of travelers, and acts as a great meeting point.

Travelers are more relaxed than at other stations because it is easy to get to trains, shops and notice boards.

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