Assiniboine Park

Portage Avenue/Corydon Avenue
Winnipeg, Canada

Submitted by: Meghan Ross

This friendly park is home to the Winnipeg Zoo.

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Why It Works

Assiniboine Park holds the Winnipeg Zoo, a conservatory, the Leo Mol sculpture garden, a miniature train, an English garden, the Pavilion as well as the Lyric Theatre. It hosts events all year round. It is available for regular cricket games, as well as soccer, frisbee and football.

What Makes Assiniboine Park a Great Place?

The park is accessible by foot or car. It has numerous walking paths and bike paths. It is very easy to get around the park.

The park makes a very good first impression. There is a foot bridge over the river, and a pavilion which opened in 1930. There is a good mix of people ranging from young to old. It is safe, with regular maintenance.

The park is in regular use. Cricket games are regularly played on the lawns. The Zoo is popular; and there is the Lyric theatre, which is often used. Ballet in the Park performances are put on in the summer. The Leo Mol sculpture garden is very popular, and includes many walking paths.

The mood at Assiniboine Park is usually very upbeat. People are generally friendly and tend to come in groups. There are often a large number of tourists. People often meet here for ice cream or to relax.

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