Bull Creek District Park

6701 Lakewood Drive
Austin, TX

Submitted by: Skip Cameron

A leash free dog park and greenbelt trail that is dubbed "The Galapagos of Texas."

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Why It Works

This lovely park is bisected by Bull Creek, one of two spring-fed water supply creeks in Austin, Texas. It is our only leash free dog park in NW Austin, where many dogs and their owners gather and play. It is also the trailhead for the Inga Van Nynatten Memorial Trail along the creek and greenbelt. Inga helped create the vision and plan for this trail before she died of breast cancer at age 30. There are wagon tracks visible in the limestone bed of the creek, that date back to the 1800's when the creek bed was a highway for early settlers to bring wood and produce to market. The ripples, pools and falls connect people with their drinking water resource and immerses them in nature.

What Makes Bull Creek District Park a Great Place?

Neighbors come every day to enjoy this park. It amenities and trail make it a useful respite from the hubbub of city life. It can be easily accessed on foot, by bicycle or auto. There is no bus or transit service to this park.

The park is conveniently accessed from major highways 2222 and 360 along Lakewood Drive. Parking, restrooms, picnic tables and a sand volleyball court are all available. This is a safe, clean and enticing place to spend time with friends and canines.

Residents and visitors alike come to picnic, play, romp with their dogs, play volleyball, splash in the creek, hike the trail, or just kick back and enjoy the sounds of water and birds and enjoy gentle breezes.

This is a meeting place for families, for sports and hiking enthusiasts, for water lovers, and for people with their dogs. All enjoy this generous space in harmony. It is frequented by mostly local users, but many visitors come here to enjoy the varied offerings.

History & Background

Austin, Texas is known as a “City Within a Park,” where countless volunteers make its parks and greenspaces a pleasure for citizens and visitors to enjoy. The Bull Creek watershed, 32 square miles of suburban Austin, has been dubbed “The Galapagos of Texas” because of its hill-ringed isolation and the many species that have evolved uniquely there. For example, it is the favorite nesting place of the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler, and 3,000 acres of this watershed have been set aside for its preservation as part of a 30,000 acre preserve system in western Travis County. The Bull Creek District Park and Greenbelt amenities have been largely provided by an all volunteer citizen group, the Bull Creek Foundation (www.bullcreek.net), who helped create the Adopt-a-Park Program in Austin and was one of the first “adopters.” Thousands of volunteer hours have transformed an unknown and little used park and creekside greenbelt into a wonderful place to enjoy nature and learn how to “live lightly” in the fragile riparian environment.

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