Calle La Ronda

Calle La Ronda
Quito, Ecuador

Submitted by: Enrique Cabanilla

This colonial street is a cultural attraction.

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Why It Works

This place is a typical colonial street of the City. It is part of the downtown of Quito, a City which was declared Cultural Mankind Heritage. There, you can find a colonial environment by just walking along the street and looking at the houses. The street has been made with stone, and the houses make people feel like they’ve gone back to the colonial times.

What Makes Calle La Ronda a Great Place?

You can take the trolley bus and get off at the Santo Domingo stop, and walk to La Ronda from there. Access is easy because it is located in the downtown of Quito.

The street is always clean and receives a lot of maintenance by the city government. Nowadays, most places in the colonial area of Quito are safe because there are policemen who are in charge of controling the different places visited by tourists.

The people who live here make their normal, daily activities as in the rest of the City, and this everyday life is the best attraction that Quito has.

The neighborhood gives you the chance to get to know how Quiteans live.

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