Compania Church

Garcia Moreno and Sucre Streets
Quito, Ecuador

Submitted by: Enrique Cabanilla

This church, which has one of the most ornate facades in Ecuador, is also one of Quito's biggest destinations.

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Why It Works

The richly carved façade of La Compania is considered the most ornate in all of Ecuador, making this church the most impressive monument in Quito. Within the church walls, the lavish interior is a blaze of golden altars and gilded columns. It is said that it took over seven tons of gold to complete the building’s extensive gilding. Construction started in 1605, but the church was not completed for 163 years later. It was designed with a Moorish influence and it is the resting place of Mariana de Jesus’ remains, who is considered this city protector.

What Makes Compania Church a Great Place?

It is located in downtown Quito. You can take the trolleybus that goes through the city, from the South to the North; get off at the Plaza Grande bus stop. There are a lot of buses that arrive at this place.

The first impression of the façade was made with stone. At present, this church is in the process of restoration.

The Catholic religion predominates in Ecuador; churches like this are visited all the time by locals and by tourists. In the church there is a museum which is the perfect place to learn about Quitenian colonial art. Besides the church, there is also a convent.

This place is one of the most important destinations in Quito, and it is visited by national and foreign tourists.

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