Rynek Glowny - Main Square

Main Square in the center of the City Of Krakow
Krakow, Poland

Submitted by: Lennart Sobiecki

This is the main open public square of downtown Krakow.

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Why It Works

This marketplace is the most important public space in the City of Krakow and has a shape of a square which measures 200 meters. It is the most beautiful Main Square in Poland.

What Makes Rynek Glowny - Main Square a Great Place?

The Main Square is located in the middle of the historical city of Krakow. This place is accessible from every direction via 11 streets and two passages. Main Square is useful for every inhabitant of the city. It’s also the main tourist attraction in Krakow. People can move on its surface basically in every direction and thus are able to find easily its features. Generally it is accessible only by foot. The surface of the Main Square is smooth and made out of large stone boards.

The first impression of this place is fantastic. You can sit there on the benches and in the cafés which are located on the sides of the square. There is regular maintenance. The police station, which is located here, is responsible for safety of the visitors. There is no access for vehicles.

All areas of the space can be used by anyone. The Main Square offers shopping activities. Visitors can spend the time in cafés located on different floors of buildings, and outdoors in warmer seasons. Different events take place on the Main Square each year. There are several museums, university facilities, churches, theaters, cinemas, galleries, clubs and some important public facilities within the walking distance from the Main Square.

Main Square is a basic meeting point for larger and smaller groups of people, as well as both the young and old. Due to the multiplicity of uses of this space, it is attractive to all social groups. Its popularity is very strong among inhabitants of Krakow and the tourists. Main Square is the main element of local pride.

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