Place Jean-Paul Riopelle

Montreal, Canada

Submitted by: claire piche

This small park hosts a kinetic sculpture that is a fountain with fire jets and fog machines.

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Why It Works

Place Jean-Paul Riopelle is a park named after the famous artist. Facing the new entrance of the Palais des Congrès (Bleury Street, between Saint-Antoine and Viger), the Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle is set on an old exterior parking lot and on the covered section of the Ville-Marie expressway. The park hosts the kinetic fountain/sculpture "La Joute" from the artist. This monumental sculpture from Riopelle is showcased in a circular pool where a ring of fire is spread out, in accordance with the artist's vision. This new public space was also planted with trees, which remind the visitor of an urban forest where light channels and sprayers implanted in the ground create a unique environment in Montréal. To adequately surround this public space, a new street was opened on the west side of the Place du Palais.

What Makes Place Jean-Paul Riopelle a Great Place?

It sets itself apart with a prestigious urban development aimed at the pedestrians’ quality of life. It calls upon a state-of-the-art expertise in urban design, traffic, signs, landscaping and industrial design. By integrating elements that make use of water, light, art and high technology, the development concept is aimed at providing an agreeable living space and is a unique attraction center.

The place makes the cars and passers-by stop and take a second look…

It is a park where you sit and meet people talking about La Joute, the magnificent sculpture.

People are amazed when they see the sculpture. They stop for a long time to sense, and keep the sense.

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