Rue St-Louis-en-l’île

Paris, France

Contributed by Project for Public Spaces

A small street continuously flowing with tiny attractions.

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Why It Works

This short, narrow street is actually the "main drag" on the Ile Saint-Louis, the smaller of the two islands at the center of Paris. There are so many tiny attractions vying for your interest that, small as the street may be, you cannot absorb it all in one visit. It may seem to some that tourists dominate, but in reality there are layers of users that flow through the street quite independently of each other. Each group of users contributes to the activity of the street, enhancing the others' experience.

Despite its assets, the street is almost overwhelmed by parked vehicles. They seem very out of place on this pedestrian island. And when cars try to drive down this small path and impose their ill-fitted presence, they distract from the peaceful, almost spiritual street experience.

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