L’Opéra/Palais Garnier Interior

8 rue Scribe
Paris, France

Contributed by Project for Public Spaces

This great marvel of design is unfortunately located amidst massive traffic flows.

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Why It Works

Approach l’Opéra/Palais Garnier from any direction, and you are greeted by the building’s enjoyably ostentatious facades. On the inside, it is one of the great marvels of design. Each room has a spell-binding grandeur, culminating in the sumptuous auditorium adorned with a painted ceiling by Marc Chagall. Whether you are attending a major performance or simply taking a tour of building, you cannot fail to be impressed by this testament to 19th century excess. Thankfully, the Palais Garnier is no longer the exclusive domain of the social elite. But as magnificent as this building may be, its setting in the midst of massive traffic flows severely diminishes its accessibility and leaves those lingering on its outskirts wondering if they should even try to approach it.

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