Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Remsen Street to Orange Street along the East River
Brooklyn, NY

Contributed by Project for Public Spaces

Perched above the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, this 1/3-mile long walkway provides a fantastic place to stroll and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

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Why It Works

This exclusively pedestrian walkway offers majestic views of downtown Manhattan, the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge. Lined with flowerbeds, playgrounds, and two rows of benches, the park is a favorite destination for joggers, walkers and roller-bladers. Its width and the plethora of green space also offer places for quieter relaxation and contemplation. The Promenade is lined with grand townhouses and mansions, and is part of Brooklyn's first Historic Preservation District.

What Makes Brooklyn Heights Promenade a Great Place?

The promenade can be accessed on foot from any of the side streets that intersect it. It is within walking distance of many subway stations and countless bus stops. Drivers may have a hard time finding parking on the narrow streets of the adjacent neighborhood. It is wheelchair accessible at the Montague Street entrance.

The benches are quite comfortable, and almost full on nice days. The row of trees between the buildings and the promenade creates a nice shade for the benches at the back wall of the promenade, while those desiring a closer view of Manhattan can sit closer to the water. The only problem is that the seats near the water are too low to have an unobstructed view over the fence when sitting.

Every conceivable use for such a narrow space can be found. Many people come to sit and look at the view, read, relax, eat or talk. People stroll or jog along the Promenade. Tourists come to snap photographs, and tv crews come to shoot commercials and music videos with the skyline as a backdrop. There is also a children's playground at the intersection of Montague Street and the Promenade.

People of all ages go to the Promenade to hang out with their friends. It is quite common for two people who find themselves sitting next to each other on the Promenade's benches to strike up conversation. Tourists often ask locals to take their picture in front of the Manhattan skyline. Although the Promenade has helped drive Brooklyn Heights' gentrification, the Promenade draws people from everywhere, and the diversity on display is beautiful.

History & Background

In the mid 1940ís, Robert Moses and the New York City Planning Commission wanted to dissect the well-to-do neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights by putting up the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway along Hicks Street. The Brooklyn Heights Association opposed the plan and won. The 1,826 foot long Brooklyn Heights Promenade was built over the two-tiered highway, above the waterfront. The Promenade opened to the public in October 1950.

Contact Info:

New York City Parks Department: 800-201-PARK

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