Sunset Park, Auburn

Lakeland Hills area
Auburn, Wa

Submitted by: Gary Max

A multi-functional community park with a skate park, picnic areas, and a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier.

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Why It Works

From the rubble of a huge new housing development is a green oasis with outstanding views of nearby snowcapped Mount Rainier. Families will find something for everyone, with a skate park, quality ball fields, picnic areas, and even a great playground featuring a volcano shaped mountain climbing activity.

What Makes Sunset Park, Auburn a Great Place?

It is located adjacent to a regional shopping center and high density single family houses. It can easily be accessed by kids on bikes, and is near the bus line for local skateboard enthusiasts.

There is plenty of parking for larger events, but the park offers sidewalks and a large plaza area, suitable for bikes, strollers, trikes and more. Although the park is located on a large hillside approaching the Cascade Mountain foothills, the park offers great flat places for many different activities.

Everyone can find something to do at this park, from simply strolling to participating in team sports activities.

Mount Rainier, an outstanding glacier capped volcano, is the focal piece of this park. It dominates the southwestern skyline.

Contact Info:

Daryl Faber, Parks Director: 253-804-5044

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