Shelburne Farms

off of Harbor Road
Shelburne, VT

Submitted by: Ben Monette

A nonprofit environmental education center and national historic landmark.

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Why It Works

This place was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Robert Roberson in 1886 as a model large scale agricultural estate. The placement of buildings, roads, and other places of interest highlight the natural beauty embodied in the green mountains and Lake Champlain. Shelburne Farms is a testament to the often over looked but superb beauty of the northeast. It embodies the values and ethics of the northeast farmer and shows a deep respect for land that can only be obtained by working with the soil.

What Makes Shelburne Farms a Great Place?

It blends perfectly with the rural towns and countryside.

Shelburne Farms makes a wonderful first, second, third, etc. impression. It features a wide variety of people from all walks of life. It is well maintained and safe.

This is an educational center so it is often used. The grounds also include a hotel and restaurant.

This is an extremely friendly place; it is almost as if the place dictates a good mood amongst its occupants.

Contact Info:

1611 Harbor Road, Shelburne, VT 05482; (802) 985-8686

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