Cape May Point Circle

The center of Cape May Point
Cape May Point, NJ

Submitted by: Roger Wells

A community garden and multiuse space.

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Why It Works

A circle of sand that was converted to a mixed-use area was all paid for by private donations and a lot of volunteer help. Activities that can be found here include walking, butterfly, sitting, flower, basketball, frisbee, theater, volley ball, and gardening. The soil was amended with recycled sewage sludge, mounded to echo remnant dunes and irrigated. Native and horticultural species were used for color, interest, shade and to attract butterflies and birds (this is one of the major birding stops on the Atlantic flyway). The garden is maintained by local volunteers and used by all the residents.

What Makes Cape May Point Circle a Great Place?

Everyone in this small community can walk to and into the park and enjoy it in a number of different fashions.

The park is surrounded by gently undulating dunes with salt resistant black pines, beach plum and bayberry under planted with bulbs and flowers. A brick path curves its way through the park. Many of the bricks have people’s names on them, which was a major way of fund raising.

The park is used informally all summer long by adults and children for walking, sitting and talking, playing volley ball, a quick pickup game of basketball, exercising your dog or sitting on the grass and listening to a concert.

This is the communal heart of the town. The local store is on one corner and several residential streets radiate out from the circle into the rest of the community. Local residents join groups, called "bed fellows" to maintain the flower beds. Local banks helped fund it and every few years another component of the original master plan (donated by a landscape architect) is implemented.

Contact Info:

Sally Sachs, 301 South Lake Drive, Box 501

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