Kreilsheimer Promenade

Seattle Center, Mercer Street
Seattle, WA

Submitted by: Leni Schwendinger

This Promenade is an ASLA award winner of 2005.

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Why It Works

The Kreielsheimer Promenade is a dramatic and unique meeting place for opera patrons and visitors to McCaw Hall that also creates a bright, dynamic, and welcoming public passage for the city, into the heart of the Seattle Center Campus. An extraordinary collaboration between disciplines can be seen in the landscape's elegant integration of architecture, landscape, lighting, and theater.

The Promenade connects Mercer Street with the Seattle Center Campus, and adjacent to Marion McCaw Hall. There is public artwork and landscaping with water that define the experience. At night "Dreaming In Color", an ever-transforming lighting composition, fills the space.

What Makes Kreilsheimer Promenade a Great Place?

People enjoy walking in the water and playing in the light.

The area feels safe and is much travelled.

Some have picnics (a destination), others are just passing through, hurring to the Opera or Ballet, or to the International Fountain.

It is a playful place, conducive to conversations, and a fun place to spend time in.

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