Business Administration Building Plaza

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wi

Submitted by: Katiuska Del Rio


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Why It Works

People bring their own food from the student union, home or other supplier, and it seems like many people enjoy eating in this outdoor space because it provides nice shade and is not a loud environment. Benches are used very often, as are the green areas that provide users with a spot to rest. Entrances to the adjacent buildings are connected to one another; this makes available multiple paths to reach a destination. These paths are wide, offering more moving space for its users. These paths also make connections between some of the most important buildings in the university system; the Student Union, Bolton Hall, the Business Building. It also has connecting pathways to the Library, and the Dormitories.

What Makes Business Administration Building Plaza a Great Place?

The plaza is surrounded by buildings that provide with visual as well as physical access to and from the open space. There are more than one or two accessible ways to get to the plaza. There is only one set of stairs that go to the Student Union, the rest are ramps and doors, all with handicap access. The paths are thought out to work with the need of the people that use this space.

Good first impression due to beautiful green lawn, trees, and effective pathways. More women than men make use of this space. Seats are conveniently located, and people have the choice of sitting either in the shade or the sun.

This plaza is used very often by many students ranging ages of 17 to 34. More groups are found in this plaza, the groups include several couples “hanging-out” together, large groups of people mostly playing sports in the green area located in the west side of this space. Activities that involve physical engagement take place, especially when the weather is favorable.

Great place to meet with groups or individuals. Lots of people gather to socialize for extended periods of time. Strangers share tables when needed, becoming this moment a chance to socialize. Sports activities bring together people from inside the buildings that surround the plaza. Highly populated during the beginning of fall, spring, and even in summer. Students invite other students to join in the activities they are performing

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