Millennium and Jubliee Pedestrian Bridges

Millennium bridge is located between the between Blackfriars Bridge and Southwark Bridge on the river Thames
London, United Kingdom

Contributed by Project for Public Spaces

These two pedestrian brides, along with several other river crossings, bring the two sides of the Thames together.

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Why It Works

It is fantastic to be able to walk over a major river without vehicles rumbling by at your side. Even better, London has provided two such places to do this in the last few years. The results of these efforts, combined with the comfortable pedestrian crossings on the London, Tower, Southwark, Waterloo and Albert Bridges, has virtually brought the two sides of the Thames together. This is certainly a transformative opportunity, probably wisely foreseen by visionary planners, which will define London for the future. No city has such opportunity to reinvent itself, and these bridges, more than any other development, create the setting in which to do so.

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