Turner Lake Park

6185 Turner Lake Road
Covington, GA

Submitted by: Brian Knapp

This 158-acre park has an abundance of largely undisturbed wildlife habitat.

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Why It Works

Despite a number of features (see below), Turner Lake Park's intimacy is what makes it unique. Not much of the original surrounding wildlife habitat was disturbed during construction, which is different in this day and age. In September of 2000 I proposed to the woman who is now my wife on a bridge on one of the park's walking trails. The park's atmosphere is perfect, soothing. It was the only place I considered as a site for one of the most important moments of my life, and that says everything about it.

What Makes Turner Lake Park a Great Place?

The park is easily accessible to anyone in the county, and is basically one with its immediate surroundings. It is truly a place to behold, a respite from the hustle and bustle of a growing town on the outskirts of Atlanta. It's basically a paradise, the ultimate place to relax or take in a game or get reacquainted with nature. Much of our country has lost touch with the outdoors. Turner Lake Park gives our community the opportunity every day to refamiliarize itself with nature and the things it has to offer.

Since opening nearly two years ago, the park has always made cleanliness a priority. If memory serves me, I believe the recreation commission that runs the park has a zero tolerance policy on littering. Turner Lake Park has something for everyone. Its stone buildings only add to the character of it. In the summer, it's a great getaway because it's shaded better than any place in our community.

Nature is Turner Lake Park's biggest draw. The setting is as serene as any you'll find. The walking trails provide a scenic place in which to exercise, with Turner Lake, a local landmark, as its backdrop. The trails are supplied with numerous benches where people can take a break from walking to sit down and take in the park's incredible views.

Turner Lake Park has become a center for our community. It has made it a place where there are no strangers and has returned a small-town feel to a growing community. The Newton County Recreation Commission, which runs the park, has done a super job in informing the community about what the park has to offer. It has also done a super job in promoting the park nationwide. Last year, the park was selected as the National Public Facility of the Year (Class I - serving a population of 100,000 or less) by the National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials.

History & Background

Located on the shores of 26-acre Turner Lake, the 158-acre park features walking trails, a gymnasium, a four-field softball complex, a football field, a senior citizens center, a playground and a wetlands area.

Contact Info:

Newton County Recreation Commission at Turner Lake Complex: 770-786-4373

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