Bidwell Park

4th and Cypress
Chico, Ca

Submitted by: Linda Bradley

A natural oak woodland urban park gifted to the City of Chico for its residents.

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Why It Works

Bidwell Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. It is 3600 acres of natural oak woodland that runs through the City of Chico into the foothills to the east of the community. Areas have been set aside for community and resident use. It was given to the city by the community founders, John and Annie Bidwell in the early 1900's. It is accessible to all of the residents and has been utilized to regularly by the residents to connect with nature.

What Makes Bidwell Park a Great Place?

Bidwell Park is located in the center of the community and for the large part has been left in a natural vegetative state. There are several paths for walking, hiking, and cycling. Vehicular traffic is prohibited in the lower park making walking and hiking safer.

Chico Parks Department works hard to provide a clean and safe site for its residents. Located in the center of Chico, it has been a safe site for community and family gatherings. Vehicular traffic is now prohibited in the lower park except park personnel and emergency vehicles.

Bidwell Park is widely used by local residents. Big Chico Creek runs through the entire site offering water sports to all residents. Caper Acres is a small site within the park dedicated to the wee Chicoans and is the host of the annual Easter egg hunt. Small gatherings are held in the several private picnic areas while larger areas host the larger community activities. There are several sport fields and a rugged natural area for hiking.

The diverse residents of Chico are very proud of Bidwell Park and show it off regularly. Many people of the community chose this site for family celebrations and gatherings. It is the site of the community Easter Egg Hunt and has been featured in several films. There are several sport fields use by community different community groups. Big Chico Creek runs through the entire park and provide water activities for the residents of the community.

History & Background

Donated to the City of Chico by Annie Bidwell in the early 1900's.

Contact Info:

City of Chio Park Department: 530-895-4972

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