Independence Plaza

Presidential Palace
Quito, Ecuador

Submitted by: Duncan Cameron

Independence Plaza is a two acre square in the center of Quito. The plaza is surrounded by Ecuador’s Presidential Palace and main government buildings.

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Why It Works

Independence Plaza is a two-acre square in the center of Quito's business and government sector. All traffic is diverted away from the square, creating a strictly pedestrian walking area in the center of the City. Numerous water fountains, statues, benches and gardens are located in the plaza. It also contains many of Ecuador’s most famous statues and national monuments. Upscale restaurants, stores and historical cathedrals surround the Plaza. The Independence Plaza has great historical significance for Ecuador.

What Makes Independence Plaza a Great Place?

Independence Plaza is the center of Quito's historical district located in the center of the city. The Plaza is a walking destination point for the surrounding area. The Plaza is often occupied by tourists and locals looking for a place to relax. There is a network of identical pathways each beginning at the four corners of the square and all ending at the center water fountain memorial.

The great size and national significance of the Plaza will impress any viewer. The Plaza is very clean and surrounding stores take pride in their outward appearance. The surrounding government buildings creates a great sense of safety. Workers are often take daily naps on the park benches during their lunch break. There is more than enough seating. There is a series of park benches scattered throughout the Plaza. The knee high walls surrounding the flower gardens and memorial status act as a sitting steps. The short but deep stairs outside the government buildings also act as sitting steps.

The Plaza is used for tourism and leisure activities. Many people use the plaza to eat lunch or just to take a break from their daily activities. The square is used for most major speakers and events in Quito. The square is often used as a shortcut for pedestrians through the city.

The large space and significance of the Plaza creates a sense of being at the center of Ecuador. The location of the Plaza at the center of the city allows it to be a central meeting location for both tourists and locals.

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