Soulard Market

Just South of Choteau on Broadway-7th Street
St. Louis, MO

Submitted by: Keith Belk

A large, historic public market with an array of vendors.

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Why It Works

Soulard Market is the last Public Market in the City of St. Louis. The origin of Soulard Market was as a public market mapped out by Perre LaClede in 1764. As the City grew, the market split, and Soulard Market was created in 1839 as the South or French Market. The land for it was donated in perpetuity by Julia Soulard in 1838. The first structure was built shortly thereafter and the current structure was built in 1828. Today it is a large Public Market with an array of vendors, more so from April into the fall. You can find produce, live poultry, pets, art, meat spices, coffee, flowers and many other products. Informed buyers do well here.

What Makes Soulard Market a Great Place?

Soulard residents, folks from all over the metro area, and tourists visit the market. Parking can be rough, but a new crossing with traffic lights was just built to the free lot that is located across 7th Street.

Until the last couple of years, grit would be a good description. A new roof and some exterior work has been done and the second floor space and rest rooms will be improved in the near future.

The Market is open Wednesday through Saturday. It the busiest on Friday and Saturday, when all vendors are open. The Market adjoins a park and open space and it is used for a variety of neighborhood events and provides a place to play or rest.

I find the market to be a great place to people watch because anyone and everyone can be found there. All ages, incomes and ethnicities are present. There are a number of restaurants near the Market where you can meet for breakfast or lunch.

Contact Info:

Soulard Market Office: 314-622-4180
Market Manager

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