King Farm Park

401 Watkins Pond Boulevard
Rockville , MD

Submitted by: Steve Mader

King Farm Park is a 12-acre park featuring tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds and picnic areas.

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Why It Works

King Farm Park, a 12-acre park, is located in the center of the neo-traditionally designed King Farm Development. The King Farm's 430-acre development is rich in tradition and history. The community is Montgomery County's most prized location, a town in harmony with the historic architectural characteristics of the City of Rockville. King Farm is a national model for urban planning, providing space for living, working, shopping and recreation - all in a traditional American setting.

The park is located in the center of the development. The park was designed as a park/school site. Within the park you will find two age-appropriate playgrounds, meandering paths, a wooded picnic groove with handicap accessibility, tennis courts, basketball courts, art work, flower beds and athletic fields. To date, a school has not been built on the site, which has provided for additional open space for free play.

The park is almost a perfect square bordered by four residential streets. It is a great public space within an oasis of urban development.

What Makes King Farm Park a Great Place?

The King Farm Park was designed to be a centerpiece for the entire 430-acre development. The park is within walking distance of thousands of residents. Within three to four blocks you can walk to the Metro. The City of Rockville encourages bikeways and has installed bike racks in several locations throughout the park.

The King Farm Park is one of our best maintained parks. Under the supervision of the City Horticulturist the park is primarily maintained by contract. The contract includes weekly mowing, weeding and litter pick up. The contractor also performs annual mulching, tree pruning and snow removal. The horticulture crew installs annuals and perennials. There is a sense of security when walking through the park. Lighted pathways guide you through park during evening hours.

King Farm Park is heavily used. Use ranges from the stay at home parent and toddler during the day to pick-up basketball games in the evening. On weekends the park is overflowing with users. All ages participate in varying forms of recreation, from family picnics to tee-ball practice. During the summer months the City operates day care camps at the park. The camps provide activities for school aged children, including crafts, sports and free play. Also during the summer the park is used for a community block party, which includes music, vendors and games. The party is organized by the community.

Socializing is considered a recreational activity at the park. Many mothers use the park daily as a gathering place for their toddlers. Many pet owners are fond of the park because of the huge expanse of green space within the neo-traditional community. For many residents, the park is the reason to live in the King Farm Community.

History & Background

Contact Info:

Steve Mader, Superintendent of Parks and Facilities: 240-314-8700

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