Huntsman Hall

38th Street and Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

Submitted by: benji power

An academic building and a "horrible waste of money."

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Why It Doesn't Work

A horrible waste of money. The outside is monstrous, and does not relate well with the surroundings. The 38th Street facade is 95% negative: huge service entrance, no street level windows, and sloped landscaping separating the building from pedestrians. The building's placement next to other academic buildings creates a tight negative alley. The building is the new Wharton School building, and it embodies the values of the American corporate society, that bigger is better and that we are individuals not working in harmony with our surroundings. The only public aspect of the building is an outdoor grass courtyard on the second floor, but it gets locked at night and is only available to those who know it exists.

What Puts Huntsman Hall in the Hall of Shame?

Three of its sides are terrible. Only the entrance on the campus walk is positive. The 38th Street side and East side are completely unused, and the Walnut entrance is minimally used, and even causes a wind tunnel effect.

Filled with self-concerned business people. Very clean, to the point of being cold. Yes, it is safe, but who cares, you might as well be dead if you actually call what goes on in this building life.

The building is used every hour of the day by business students.

It is only sociable in one place, the Au Bon Pain cafe on one side of the building. Many people meet inside of the building to study.

Contact Info:

University of Pennsylvania Information: 215-898-5000

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