Charles Deering Estate at Cutler

16701 SW 72nd Avenue
Miami, FL

Submitted by: Frank Fargalli

The Charles Deering Estate is an environmental, archaeological, historical and architectural preserve on 450 acres of property located along the edge of Biscayne Bay in Miami-Dade County.

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Why It Works

The Deering Estate at Cutler is one of the most unique parks in South Florida. Built by Charles Deering, brother of James Deering, the property encompasses 150 acres of endangered pine rockland, as well as 115 acres of coastal tropical hardwood hammocks. Mangroves, salt marshes, and the offshore island of Chicken Key occupy 130 acres of the Estate and are accessible to the public by canoe tours. The Deering Estate is not only rich in natural resources, it also includes historical buildings dating from 1896 to 1922, an important archaeological site dating from 10,000 B.C., and a Native American burial mound dating from ca. 1600. A new Environmental Education Center showcases programs for school children and adults, teacher training and research.

What Makes Charles Deering Estate at Cutler a Great Place?

The Deering Estate is more of a destination rather than a part of the urban landscape. Access to all buildings and natural areas of the park is an integral part of the thought process used when considering ways to expand the public enjoyment of the property.

The main house of the estate and the other building, while stunning in their own right, do not dominate the property, but seem appropriate to the environment. Walking and tram transportation are the only ways to move around the estate, as vehicles, except for delivery, are not allowed on the main property.

The Deering Estate is a dynamic rather than static property, meaning that people are encouraged to use all parts of the estate for functions and activities, not necessarily always in strict keeping with the historical background of the property. Many visitors and users are engaged in activities dealing with the environmental uniqueness of the property rather than its historical development.

The property has become a very popular location for social and cultural events, especially during the winter months when events can be held outside on the great lawn of the estate facing Biscayne Bay. Evening concerts, exhibits, weddings, and other activities are constantly being arranged.

Contact Info:

Annette Fromm, Ph.D., Manager: 305-235-1668

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