Wilmington State Parks

1021 West 18th Street
Wilmington, De

Submitted by: Ron Crouch

State park system built along the Brandywine River.

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Why It Works

The Wilmington State Parks are a series of historical parks built in the late 1890's along the Brandywine River in Wilmington, Delaware. The parks are home to many amenities, such as monuments, a zoo, a historical church and parkways. Rockford Tower, which was built in 1899 to supply water to the city, has since been repaired and reopened. The observation deck gives a skyline view of the City of Wilmington.

What Makes Wilmington State Parks a Great Place?

Located in the center of the city, people walk and jog during lunch breaks, follow paths to other city destinations, or drive and park to enjoy views of the river, rose gardens and ornamental cherry trees in Brandywine Park.

These are beautiful historic parks with on-site management and enforcement. We have a carry in/carry out policy and litter is collected daily. These are clean, well-manicured grounds that are available for relaxing, viewing the river and picnicking.

We have users of all ages with over one million in attendance annually. We offer semi-pro baseball fields, softball and soccer fields, a 5000-seat stadium for football, a zoo, monuments, trails, rock climbing and playgrounds. Elementary schools border the park and use the playgrounds; high school students through retirees use the track and football facilities in the stadium. We offer off leash areas for dogs in two of our parks, and concerts with varied types of music.

These parks are used for picnics, social gatherings, reunions, recreation, and interpretive programs by varied ethnicities. We receive strong support and thanks from the bordering residents and neighborhood associations.

Contact Info:

Ron Crouch, Park Administrator
Wilmington State Parks: 302-577-7020

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