James River Heritage Trail - Blackwater Creek Bikeway and RiverWalk

1700 Old Langhorne Road
Lynchburg, VA

Submitted by: Andrew Reeder

A shimmering green emerald hidden amid the languid confines of the Hill City.

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Why It Works

Boasting over seven miles of multi-use bikeway and 14 miles of cool, earthen-packed treadway, this park offers easy access to park visitors and urban commuters. This pulsing artery connects schools, a commuter center (train/bus), historic homes and museums, City Cemetery, hospitals, City parks, an Awareness Garden, and a revitalized downtown with over 300 acres of preserved green space. The park follows the course of the Blackwater Creek as it tumbles to its confluence with the mighty James River. This is a great park to visit while enjoying the southern hospitality of one of Virginia's finest historic cities.

What Makes James River Heritage Trail - Blackwater Creek Bikeway and RiverWalk a Great Place?

There are two main access points, the Ed Page Entrance and Percival's Island, and four secondary entrances, East Randolph Place, Hollins Mill Park, Kemper Street Station Park, and Point of Honor, and a number of tertiary entrances, Blackwater Creek Athletic Area, Thompson Drive, etc.

Park users walk, ride bikes, skate, and run within the park. The majority of the trail is accessible to everyone. The bikeway is a 10 foot wide hard-surfaced trail (asphalt), with park amenities (information kiosks, signage, drinking fountains, park benches, trashcans, and restrooms) conveniently located throughout. Once on the trails, the City disappears in a treasure trove of native plants and trees.

Men and women enjoy the park. There is ample seating throughout for relaxation or contemplation. A professional staff and volunteers maintain the park. Police patrol the park and vehicles (other then security or maintenance) are not allowed.

The bikeway (hard-surfaced trail) is used by the majority of park users and spans all ages and both sexes. Mountain bikers and hikers, though smaller in number, make great use of the earthen trail treadways close to the stream valleys.

Many groups meet in the mornings or at lunch for walking and picnicking. This is probably the one of the first places people bring their visiting friends to show off the City.

Contact Info:

Kenny Fisher, Lynchburg Department of Parks & Recreation: 434-847-1640

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