Glasgow Botanic Gardens

730 Great Western Road
Glasgow, Scotland

Submitted by: andy brown

Botanic Gardens and open park space that offer visitors "endless combinations of brightly coloured flowers and plants."

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Why It Works

The Glasgow Botanic Gardens are reasonably large botanical gardens with large open spaces and tropical plants throughout. People are drawn to its 'sit anywhere' feel, which encourages people to sit on grass and seats alike. There is a café inside, and ice cream is usually on sale at the entrance. A walk along the river Clyde is also within its grounds, as are endless combinations of brightly coloured flowers and plants. The gardens are a popular place for students and older people alike. It is a great place to find people playing Frisbee, reading quietly, socializing with friends and even playing the guitar. All in all, just a great space to be in.

What Makes Glasgow Botanic Gardens a Great Place?

Easily accessible by the nearby subway, and by road links.

The gardens give an excellent first impression. They are full of colour and life, and often filled with people.

Many age groups use this space for a variety of activities.

An extremely social place for residents and visitors alike.

Contact Info:

Glasgow Botanic Gardens: 0141 334 2422

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