Glencairn Garden

Charlotte Avenue and Crest Street
Rock Hill, SC

Submitted by: Chandler Chastain

An English-style neighborhood garden used for a range of activities, from reading to weddings.

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Why It Works

Built in 1960, Glencairn Garden is surrounded by an older neighborhood. It was designed by Robert Marvin in 1958. It is a natural oasis in the midst of a residential neighborhood, within close proximity to downtown. The park is six acres large, but a master plan for expansion and revitalization is currently underway. This revitalization also includes the surrounding neighborhoods, which will benefit from the expanded gardens and community involvement.

What Makes Glencairn Garden a Great Place?

Sidewalks connect this garden to downtown, Winthrop University, small pocket parks, and greenway connections throughout the City of Rock Hill. The new master plan incorporates more linkages, more ADA accessible routes and bus stops.

A very well kept, English-style garden, very natural and full of plant material from the region. Usually there are more women than men, with children and pets. Litter is minimal, due to regular maintenance and concerned citizens. Safety is not a main concern; despite a few incidents in evenings, there are no real threats or personal crimes. People dominate the space, and there are regular patrols by police, but the neighborhood has eyes on the park. Seating is on benches, grass, and planters, and during special events like weddings or festivals, chairs are provided.

The garden is used everyday, mostly for eating (picnics), walking, reading, and other passive activities in a great scenic location. Users vary from babies in strollers to older senior citizens out with families or on walks. Most of the space is well used, the large lawn areas more so than others. There are several paths through shady and sunny areas with diverse plant material and vistas.

It is the most used meeting place in town throughout the day and all seasons. Schoolchildren come on field trips, classes from Winthrop University, wedding parties, and garden clubs all use the space. The surrounding neighborhood is made up of whites, blacks and Mexican Americans. Also, the local university has the largest percentage of minority students of all the public universities in the state. The Come-See-Me festival is housed here each spring. If you visit Rock Hill, SC, you will certainly be directed to this garden.

Contact Info:

Rock Hill Parks and Recreation: 803-329-5652

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