State Street

From Campus to Capitol
Madison, WI

Submitted by: Judith Steinkamp

A vital main street that is the meeting place and social center of Madison.

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Why It Works

This street is a connector between the University of Wisconsin campus and the Madison Capitol. It is vital and vibrant with traffic controls that make it pedestrian friendly. Madison discourages cars on campus. The Farmerís Market surrounds the Capitol at the end of the street.

What Makes State Street a Great Place?

It is accessible for all modes of transit: heavy pedestrian and bike use, trolley, bus and auto traffic. Very pedestrian friendly.

Since this is a streetscape, the seating is limited. The area feels safe, but has the sense of a student atmosphere.

This street always has a lot of pedestrian traffic. It is closed down for street fairs and other events.

This street is the meeting place and social center of the campus, including all ages and ethnic groups.

History & Background

I went to graduate school at UW in the late 70's and have been back only several times, but continue to use this as an example of a wonderful "college" town main street that connects to the larger community and invites the community in. The shops and restaurants transition from student-oriented to more community-oriented as one approaches the Capitol.

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Greater State Street Business Association

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