NW 23rd and 21st Avenues

Between Burnside and Thurman
Portland, OR

Submitted by: Craig Bollen

A high-density retail street that has - or is accessible to - virtually everything you could want.

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Why It Works

This street is very people-friendly. There are local shops only, a good mix of retail and residential uses, and residential neighborhoods surrounding. The library, school, hospital, local theater, two large field parks, a 5,000-acre forest park, a few pocket city parks and a grocery store are all within walking distance. It has great tree cover, and the streets are skinny, with slow traffic. There is a great selection of restaurants, including the best pizza in Oregon, at Escape from NY. A new streetcar provides connection to downtown.

What Makes NW 23rd and 21st Avenues a Great Place?

This street has the highest density in Oregon. There is a great variety of transportation modes: bus connections, streetcars, a great walking environment, and skinny slow streets for cars. The slow traffic is good for bicycle travel, but bike lanes are limited.

The street is very safe. There is limited parking and road space. All attractions are very convenient on foot.

Diversity is what makes the streets work. There is a wide range of incomes.

Many people meet at 23rd Avenue. Everyone who comes to town spends some time in the area.

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