Ferry and Symphony Circles

Richmond Avenue at North Street, and Porter Avenue, and Richmond Avenue at West Ferry Street
Buffalo, NY

Submitted by: Jason Haremza

Two Olmsted-designed roundabouts that beautify the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Why It Works

This past summer, two roundabouts were restored in the Olmsted-designed parkway system in Buffalo. The historic roundabouts replaced traffic signals that had been in place since the original roundabouts were removed between the 1930ís and 1950ís.

What Makes Ferry and Symphony Circles a Great Place?

Well-connected with the local surroundings, the circles are anchored by historic light standards that terminate street views and serve as neighborhood landmarks. The area is accessible by foot, transit, and bicycle.

The places are better now that the circles are restored. Cars move slower, there is more greenery, and the circles are a joy to behold.

The spaces are small, passive recreation areas that primarily serve to calm traffic and inject a modicum of greenery into the urban landscape. Due to their small size, the islands in the center of the circles are not used, but still act as attractive, beautifying elements.

I would chose to meet friends here. The circles serve as better landmarks than what was there before they were restored. It is much better to meet someone at "Ferry Circle" than "on the corner of Richmond and Ferry." Richmond Avenue is also something of an ethnic and socio-economic dividing line in the city, so the circles are potential meeting places for diverse communities.

Contact Info:

Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy: 716-838-1249

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