Petaling Street

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Submitted by: mell lina

A traditional shopping street in the Chinatown section of Kuala Lumpur.

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Why It Works

Petaling Street attracts both locals and visitors in search of bargain goods, including dresses, shoes, fabrics, costume jewellery, souvenirs, electronics, fruits, traditional herbal medicines, watches, and CDs.

What Makes Petaling Street a Great Place?

The sidewalks are five feet wide. The public transportation is easy to use.

The area makes a good impression on people. It is sometimes crowded, but remains comfortable.

Lots of shops and restaurants are here, offering a good range of choices. At night, the street is closed and stalls are set up that sell practically everything.

While many people come to Petaling Street to shop and bargain with the vendors, others come to enjoy the bustling atmosphere.

History & Background

In the area, you'll find a majority of two-story houses; families often live on the top floor, above their shops. There are several old market streets in the area, including Tuanku Abdul Rahman Street, Chow Kit Street, Pasar Street, and Masjid India Street. Each street has its own character and speciality goods.

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