Linear Park

Parallels Orange Drive
Davie, FL

Submitted by: joyce steward

Walking, biking, jogging, horseback riding, fishing piers, and picnicking in this park along a canal bank.

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Why It Works

This is a pleasant nine-mile canal bank with a paved trail and grass. There is always something interesting to see - birds, fish, and neighbors.

What Makes Linear Park a Great Place?

It is accessible by several main arteries and connects to several other paved and equestrian trails. It is widely used by both town residents and visitors.

It runs alongside a roadway, but the green space gives distance from vehicles. The town does regular maintenance.

At anytime of the day you will find all ages engaging in a wide range of activities, like walking, riding bikes, pushing strollers, jogging, riding horses, picnicking at one of the pavilions, or fishing in the canal from one of the piers. Paved trails and roads connect it to several of the towns beautiful parks and open spaces.

It is a convenient, easy-to-find trail to meet friends. People using the trail will most always acknowledge each other or stop to talk with one another. It is a great place to enjoy the sunshine and outside.

Contact Info:

Town of Davie Parks and Recreation Department: 954-797-1145

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