Olympia Farmers Market

700 Capital Way North
Olympia, WA

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A gathering place for local, small-scale farmers, merchants and artists.

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Why It Works

The market is open Thursday through Sunday with both indoor and outdoor vendors, and a primary facility that houses approximately 200 local produce, bakery, and arts and craft vendors. A performing stage gets used by entertainers from all disciplines, and there is also a food court featuring German, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, and American items.

What Makes Olympia Farmers Market a Great Place?

Located along the waterfront, the Market connects with a hotel, downtown, and business park. It is a ten-minute walk to the heart of downtown, and there's a bus terminal two blocks away. The main building has hangar-style bay doors at each side of the that are opened during business hours.

The Market is located at the end of the main street through town. There is a roundabout at the entrance, and the roadway provides a terrific view of downtown. Seating is located along paths and in the food court area. Market staff circulates regularly, picking up trash. There is a restroom facility on site. The atmosphere is festive and light, and the Market promotes a pedestrian feel, with tables spread throughout where people can sit, eat, and relax. Vehicles are parked behind the facility, out of the way of vendors and patrons.

The Market is attractive to all ages and because of the variety of vendors, there is something for everyone. In addition to street entertainers, there are regular acts performing on the stage, including dancers, singers, and speakers. There is sometimes a clown who blows balloons for kids. Food variety includes fresh poultry, fish, beef and pork. There are also jerky stands, bakery shops, and homemade clothing - and booths with a high percentage of organic farmers.

This is a place where local people regularly schedule lunch or other activities, and also where tourists visit to get a sense of people in the area.

History & Background

The Olympia Farmer's Market is the second largest market in the Northwest.

Contact Info:

Olympia Farmers Market: 360-352-9096, Will Carlsen

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