Westhafen Subway Station

Berlin, Germany

Submitted by: Barbara Reiter

This subway station in Berlin is part of an international public art project on human rights.

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Why It Works

The walls of this subway station carry the complete text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on tiles, dedicated to Heinrich Heine and political refugees.

What Makes Westhafen Subway Station a Great Place?

It is an otherwise normal subway station, used by thousands of passengers daily.

The main colours of the tiles and text are white and yellow with some red and blue, like sunshine under the earth.

The subway travellers decipher their own rights while waiting for trains and passing through the station.

It is common for passengers to start spontaneous conversations about their surprise after finding the letters and words on the walls.

History & Background

Westhafen subway station is part of the international network INSCRIRE, with similar stations in Paris, Lisbon, Brussels and Stockholm. The network was started by the artist and urbanist Francoise Schein in 1989.

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