Parc de Bercy

Rue Paul Belmondo
Paris, France

Submitted by: dick lahn

A park of multiple designs and uses, near apartments, commercial activity, bridges, gardens, and the Seine.

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Why It Works

The park is located near the Seine, in an area that was formerly used for shipping storage and canal transport; it is situated near apartment buildings, quaint shops, and cafes. The park is geometrically divided, offering areas for children, gardeners, plant lovers, and those who would like to walk or stroll. Water features blend into sylvan scenes; creative park constructs and elegant bridges join segments of the park that are separated by a boulevard. There are areas for sports and an education center. Located in the center of the park is the Palais Omnisports, which is surrounded by grass on all sides and blends in with the landscape.

What Makes Parc de Bercy a Great Place?

The park is connected to the surrounding area and is accessible on all sides. It is a working park, in that it is mainly used by those who come into the area. Tourists donít seem to find it: It is not convenient to walk to it from Notre Dame unless you knew it is there. It remains an unknown jewel.

The park is green and clean. Gardeners are out in force. It is a ritzy, wealthy area, and safe. I saw no security or vehicles, except when crossing the footbridges.

Gardening, playing sports, and walking. The nearby commercial area is also bustling.

The nearby commercial area is high-class, and often crowded. It offers many cafes.

History & Background

The park was built as part of a plan to revitalize the eastern side of Paris, which was traditionally poorer and less active than the western side. In June 1994, the first part of this park, located on the former Bercy wineries, was opened to the public. This space, offered by the City of Paris, was essentially made of lawns accessible around the clock as an extension of the Paris Bercy sports center. The second phase of the park was completed in autumn 1995 and covered almost five hectares; it includes flowerbeds and a romantic garden.

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