The Serpentine

Hyde Park
London, United Kingdom

Submitted by: Kate Weingarten

Small lake within Hyde Park

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Why It Works

The Serpentine is a small, narrow lake within Hyde Park. A wide path in the North side provides good viewing spots of the many ducks in the lake, and on the South, the horses and riders galloping along 'Rotten Row,' a bridle path in the park whose name is thought to be a corruption of Route du Roi, road of the King. There is a cafe, boats to rent, many benches, and great people watching (also ducks and horses).

What Makes The Serpentine a Great Place?

It is accessible from all parts of Hyde Park, and while there is plenty of automobile traffic, there are paths along side the road for bikers and walkers, and paths to get away from the road traffic.

Safe, clean, plenty of food.

Like all parks in London, this area along the Serpentine is well used. The horses are a bonus, as is the Serpentine Gallery, a fine space for contemporary art.

Here, in the middle of London, people are clearly enjoying themselves and one of the world's great parks, Hyde Park.

History & Background

Hyde Park became a Royal Park in 1536 when the land, which was previously owned by the monks of Westminster Abby, was acquired by King Henry VIII. The park is a large area of open space in the city centre comprised of 630 acres with a perimeter of 4 miles. The Serpentine was fromed when the River Westbourne, which flowed through the park, was dammed.

Contact Info:

The Park Manager The Ranger's Lodge Hyde Park London W2 2UH Tel: (020) 7298 2100

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