The English Market

Princes Street, Patrick Street and the Grand Parade
Cork City, Ireland

Submitted by: Luigina Ciolfi

A covered market for fish, fruit, meat and vegetable.

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Why It Works

The English market is a Cork institution. The current building dates back to 1786. The colours, flavours and smells are unforgettable, and so are the characters. The cafe upstairs is ideal for a break.

What Makes The English Market a Great Place?

The market can be entered from three different streets in Cork city and works as a covered passageway as well (especially handy in rainy days). The side entrance hallways have cafes and small shops, and the stalls are located in the central area of the market. It's accessible only on foot. The different areas are dedicated to a different kind of product (fish, meat, vegetables, etc....)

The building that hosts the market is an historical building and it's quite impressive. It is possible to sit down in the side hallways and in the cafe situated on the mezzanine level, upstairs from the main market hall.

The market is open from Monday to Saturday and it's packed every day and at every time of the day. All sorts of people go to the market, both for shopping and for browsing.

People meet either in the main hall or in the cafes inside the market.

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