Wiggums Hollow Park

2808 10th Street
Everett, WA

Submitted by: Hal Gausman

A neighborhood park.

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Why It Works

Just completed in 2002, this park is located in a neighborhood in Everett that contains amazing cultural diversity. 30 different languages are spoken by the children at the Grade School located close to the park. In the planning process we asked the parents, kids and neighbors to describe their vision of what a park can be. We wanted the park to be a comfortable place to visit and play in for the entire community. We researched parks and open spaces from around the world to create story boards to help us in discussions with the community about the meaning of parks and open space. Neighbors requested that the park have lots of activities for children. They requested that we include flowers that bloom during events such as Chinese New Year. Neighbors wanted places to picnic with friends, and a plaza with a labyrinth pattern for walking, music, dance, and theater. The playground is designed utilizing roof shapes from all over the world. The park includes a learning garden that the local grade school uses for outdoor class rooms to study nature, art and culture. The learning garden has raised beds to allow access for all to flowers and plants. We have an open space for soccer, volley ball and baseball. The park has over 1/2 mile of accessible walking paths. Art is a featured element of the park and is used as a bridge between the cultures. The children in the community created ceramic tiles and fused art glass that accents the learning garden and paths. The children come to the park to show friends what they can do and help take care of the park. The layout of the learning garden is based on the patterns found in Persian rugs. An artist couple created sculpture panels 8 feet tall by five feet wide that are based on fabric patterns found in the clothes of community members. The sculpture panels frame entries and help with way-finding. Community members and corporations donated over 400 thousand dollars towards this project. We have had volunteers help build the play ground and help with stewardship.

What Makes Wiggums Hollow Park a Great Place?

The park is accessed primarily by people walking to the park. Art panels and views into the park were placed to increase interest and invite exploration. The park has been heavily used beyond expectations. Large community picnics occur every weekend. Children and grandparents are always in the park walking or playing.

The park feels very comfortable and was designed to feel as safe as possible by developing views into the park from the surrounding houses and streets. We are beginning an afternoon park ranger program to help with supervision and environmental education. We are struggling a little with how much the park is being used and are stepping up our volunteer and stewardship programs. Vehicles are kept at the edges of the space and parking lots were designed primarily for individuals with less mobility.

We have had a lot of use. I see a lot of parents, elders, children and groups. We have a lot of seniors in the area that walk the paths for exercise. The open space is being heavily used for soccer games and volleyball.

We are getting a lot of use of the park. The neighbors are finding that the park is busy and has a lot of happy kids stopping to play after school. The best time to walk the labryinth is early morning and during the day. The park is being used by all the neighbors. We see parents and kids in clothes that reflect many cultural backgrounds.

History & Background

This park was developed in partnership with the community. We met with over 300 neighbors at their meeting places. We had pizza parties where we discussed the meaning of parks and gave presentations to Ukrainian elders in small groups using interpreters. We met with seniors during community meetings at retirement centers. The community donated time and money towards this project. The local school was recognized for their efforts in involving children in the park development and planning.

Contact Info:

Hal Gausman
Landscape Architect, Everett Parks Department

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