Washington Street

Detroit, MI

Submitted by: Jayanthi Madhavan

A key street, one-half of which was pedestrianized, with disastrous results.

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Why It Doesn't Work

This urban design project that turned out to be disaster for the city: A red space frame structure above an elaborate, overly wide pedestrian path with no relation to adjacent building uses.

What Puts Washington Street in the Hall of Shame?

Has no origin and destination. Lack of human scale and human range of activities. Interestingly glaring unsafe spaces are proposed for human interaction.

Uncomforatbly long and uninteresting processional quality.

Flanked by residences of senior citizens and small ill maintained mom and pop stores and boring parking garages.

People do not inhabit this street for social interaction. People whisk away in their cars. A true motorcity, Detroit.

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