Old Deaf School Park, Topiary Garden

East Town St. and Washington Ave.
Columbus, OH

Submitted by: Mark Young

This unique "landscape of a painting of a landscape," accented by trees and stunning floral beds provides a lush, green setting amid skyscrapers and asphalt.

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Why It Works

The Topiary Garden, in downtown Columbus, is the site of a re-creation of Georges Seurat's famous Post-Impressionist painting--A Sunday afternoon on the Island of LaGrande Jatte--in sculpted evergreen topiary. It is the only topiary interpretation of a painting in existence. This landscape of "a painting of a landscape" includes 54 people, eight boats with sails of clematis, three dogs, a monkey and a cat. The largest topiary is 12 feet tall. The concept was developed by James T. Mason, a Columbus artist, with assistance from his wife Elaine Mason. A pond and some of Columbus' most beautiful trees complete the landscape.

What Makes Old Deaf School Park, Topiary Garden a Great Place?

The park is pedestrian friendly, with paths meandering around the topiaries and through the park. Well-placed park benches offer a place to rest, socialize and different views of the magical landscape. The park sits in one of Columbus' charming historic districts.

Old Deaf School Park and the Topiary Garden is a special place that literally draws you into the landscape. It is the cleanest park in the Columbus system--and that is due to a maintenance staff that really stewards--and park visitors that never let a piece of litter hit the ground.

The park is one of the most popular lunch spots in Columbus. The Topiary Garden is a photographer's paradise, drawing residents and visitors from all over the world.

The Topiary Garden evokes a smile and a sense of wonder to all who step into this painting of a landscape.

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