Rue des Rosiers

Jewish Quartier
Paris, France

Contributed by Project for Public Spaces

A vibrant market street in the heart of Paris Jewish Quarter.

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Why It Works

Walking along the Rue de Rosiers one hears traditional Hebrew music and Hebrew inscriptions are everywhere. Ancient houses are constantly in activity and there are street vendors, restaurants and a community that lives its life through interactions on the street. Retail and residential uses keep the street active at all hours. Lately, chic boutiques are trying to buy out small commerces and to "embourgeoise" the sector. These trends have changed the outskirts of the quartier, with the addition of new upscale clothing boutiques and housing.

History & Background

Covered in the 12th century with wild rose bushes, the rue des Rosiers is the heart of the Jewish area since the Middle Ages. It is now one of the most lively areas of the Marais.

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