Cross Street Market

Federal Hill
Baltimore, MD

Submitted by: Timothy Hyland

A city-block long market running along Cross Street between the neighborhood's two major avenues

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Why It Works

The Cross Street Market is the absolute center of Baltimore's Federal Hill neighborhood. A city-block long market running along Cross Street between the neighborhood's two major avenues -S. Charles Street and Light Street - the market is where Federal Hill and South Baltimore residents buy their produce, meat, seafood, flowers, cigars and wine. It's where they get their greasy food and fresh oysters. And come Happy Hour, it's also where they drink -- and socialize. The market is one of Baltimore's premier urban spaces. Set in the middle of the thriving Federal Hill neighborhood, it serves as an anchor for the restaurants, bars, boutiques, coffee shops and stores that surround it. And it's also a lot of fun -- it's where everyone gets together.

What Makes Cross Street Market a Great Place?

It's accessible by foot for all Federal Hill residents. Sitting between the neighborhood's major streets, it's in the middle of everything.

There is no decor to speak of. It is essentially an open-air market with a roof. But the atmosphere is wonderful -- the crowds and vendors are diverse, it's almost perpetually crowded with people, and the place always feels lively. It seems safe and comfortable -- elderly women and young children feel comfortable walking through. It's also kept clean.

The space is used constantly, because it has so many functions. Residents use the market for groceries. Tourists stop by for food. You can get lunch there. And Happy Hour is very popular. All kinds of people can be seen there. It's a very diverse environment.

It's a great meeting spot for people, especially young folks on their way out for the evening. The people who go there are the people who live in the community. Everyone uses it.

History & Background

The Cross Street Market is one of three (I believe) similar markets in Baltimore.

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