Riverside Skate Park

Riverside Park off 108th Street
New York, NY

Contributed by Project for Public Spaces

A mecca for skateboarders and in-line skaters from the New York metropolitan area, designed and constructed by teenagers.

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Why It Works

A feeling of welcome and respect pervades Riverside Skate Park and, no doubt in response, the park is often filled with youths busy skating or shooting the breeze; in many other places, these same young people might typically feel alienated. But this place is staffed by young skaters, including a proud few who helped to design the skate park and its components, in conjunction with sympathetic parks staff and the nonprofit Salvadori Educational Center for the Built Environment.

On a typical weekday afternoon in good weather, an average of 50 skateboarders, bikers and in-line skaters are going through their paces. But they're not the only ones who make this park a destination. Parents and senior citizens come to sit on the benches and observe - for the latter, it's seen as "something different." Weekends draw more than 100 skate enthusiasts of all levels, ranging in age from 9-30, from all over the metropolitan area. Mainly, the skate park is a success because it has tapped into the ideas and skills of teenagers, developing ways to channel their energy constructively instead of treating them as problems or victims.

History & Background

See link to Success Story, below.

Contact Info:

Riverside Park Administrator - 212-408-0264

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