Las Vegas Boulevard/The Strip

Las Vegas, NV

Submitted by: Tom Dellaquila

This "wholly artificial place," one of the most famous streets in the world, offers fantastical trips to Paris, New York, ancient Egypt and elsewhere

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Why It Works

A pedestrian friendly environment created entirely by private enterprise. Features an artificial harbor with a pirate and man 'o war battle every hour, an active volcano, a four-acre lake with a massive fountain display, a replica of the Eiffel tower and Venice. As alcoholic beverages are allowed on the street, it is the best street to have a party on in the U.S. Always an active and fasinating place to be.

What Makes Las Vegas Boulevard/The Strip a Great Place?

As all resorts have free parking, access for local citezens is easy. Hotel guests, which number in the six figures, are there already. Buses are readily available, as are cabs. Most walks are wide and inviting. There is plenty of room to observe the free events. The roadway is, unfortunately, always crowded, although this adds to the energy.

The first impression is somewhat overwhelming. There are about equal numbers of men and women. It is kept clean and secure by the hotels. Indeed, the strip is a very safe urban environment. Hotel maintenance is at a very high level.

The entire strip is always crowded There is a wide variation in in age and gender. Groups vary from couples to larger groups of varing size.

While meeting on the strip is not practical due to the crowds, people meet in the adjacent hotels often. Everyone comes in groups. Ages and ethnicities refect the nation and in fact the world. This is the first place for visitors to Las Vegas to come.

History & Background

A wholly artificial place, created to be as interesting as possible. It suceeds. There is an extensive display of greenery along the strip as well. The resorts have the highest level of maintenance found anywhere.

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Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

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