Kildonan Park

2000 block of Main St
Winnipeg, Canada

Submitted by: Kurt Sargent

This park is popular with people of all ages, since it offers plenty to do.

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Why It Works

A medium sized park, active year round. Home of Rainbow Stage. It has a very good playground and wading pool for young kids, as well as a large outdoor pool. There is a resturant and golf course nearby. Many picnic spots with BBQ pits, volley ball courts, soccer fields, winter slides, skating.

What Makes Kildonan Park a Great Place?

It lies adjacent to a major throughfare and is easily acessible by car, bus, or on foot. Sidewalks are set quite far from roads, safe for children. The road follows, basically, one large circle.

In the summer, the park is very clean and green. Lots of women, and men and women with their children. Also lots of teens, and young adults rollerblading, playing volley ball, etc.

Busy year round. Restaurant owner say's he is busier in the winter with families skating. Good and well maintained playground structures. Rainbow Stage has productions every summer that usually run for about 6 weeks. Public Works Week is held every year with the infamous "Loader Olymics"!" Wide variety of ages. It's a popular spot for large gatherings, and there are facilities to accommodate large picnic groups (shelter, seating, BBQ pits, etc.) Most of the park is well used, but I can always find a picnic table!

It's a very poular meeting place, especially for teens and young adults. They cruise around in their shiny cars meeting up with on another. Ages and ethnicities are as diverse as Winnipeg itself.

Contact Info:

City of Winnipeg Parks and Open Spaces: 204-986-7623

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